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Sixth Element Day Care
Daycare Evening Activities
Pre School Gurgaon Daycare in Gurgaon Activity Center in Gurgaon
In the Last year have seen Shivansh grow. He has developed as a person & in knowledge too. He loves ‘Saroj mam’ which I see him often conveying to me. I have learned the attention he has got & I am happy with his progress. I am totally satisfied with the school in all aspects. Thanks once again. Reena( Shivansh’s mother )

Its been great seeing Ruhaan grow so confident & happy in the last one year. He has Learnt tremendously in terms of vocabulary enhancement & overall knowledge of his surroundings & environment. A big thanks to the school & especially Shreshtha mam for all the hard work she has put into make this possible. Ruhaan spent almost three yrs in the school & day care & has thoroughly enjoyed himself. Thanks to shreshtha & the didis for taking such good care of ruhaan. Anuja Mathur( Ruhaan’s mother )

We would miss the school and Shreshtha maam. Nayasa loved coming to school. We would like to express our gratitude for the care and love Nayasa got from the school . Nishant ( Nayasa’s father )

We are happy with Rhea’s performance. She is too small yet to be judged but however, the feedback you gave me is good and yes she likes the music class very much. Maria ( Rhea’s mother)

I think this school is a journey for children. I have seen my son completely blossom and enjoy the growing up process. The best thing is that they are taught to be themselves. Deepisha maam has been completely involved and supportive in the process. Thank you do much for being a wonderful friend to Tavish. We are really grateful to you for all the efforts that you have put in. Raman & Harinder ( Tavish’s parents)

Arshiya my little princess has really become a big girl since the last few months. Now she speaks Hindi which she wasn’t comfortable with. She has become social and plays happily, she has learnt to spend self time. We as parents really thank the entire Sixth Element team for their effort put forward for each child. They actually design the building blocks of every child. Special thanks to Deepisha ma’am for her patience and love towards all the children. Thanks to all and we hope good association in future as well. Arshiya’s Parents

We are happy with Sixth Element. The teachers are very nice and give personal attention to each and every child. We were actually very pleased to see the personal bonds between teachers & kids. Advita has learnt a lot here and we have observed a lot more development in her interpersonal and other skills compared to what we could offer her at home. Very satisfied and excellent experience with Deepisha ma’am and Sangeeta ma’am. She would now go to St. Xavier for schools but we are very happy to still be part of Sixth Element through the day care. Priyanka & Bharat( Advita’s parents )

Me and Bhavna feel fortunate to have Deepisha ma’am as Sparsh’s Teacher. We saw Sparsh growing in all aspects of life during this short time. For some reason we never heard any complaint about Sparsh from your side ( happy about it ). You are the best teacher, we got so far. Thanks to Nibha didi also for taking care of him. Bhavna & Dr. Naresh ( Sparsh’s parents )

I didn’t realize before coming for the meeting today that this might be one of the last interactions with Deepisha ma’am. Since last so many months we were meeting daily and interacting Rayee’s school dairy. Thanks for all the love and care given to Rayee. I would like to take this opportunity to say that you are doing a very difficult job and doing it wonderfully. Rayee almost never talks about school at home and the name she took the most was “ Deepisha ma’am kya bolti hai – Rayee look here!”. Please also convey my thanks to didi. Achala ( Rayee’s mother )

Being a first time parent I was too concerned about my daughter’s first school. When we came to see The Sixth Element, we fell in love with the school, the infrastructure and the friendly staff gave very positive vibes and in the one and a half years of my daughter’s stay here, Sixth elemnt has lived every bit of our expectations. Vaanya has learnt a lot , made several friends and collected loads of happy memories of all fun celebrations here. When she is at school I never have to worry whether she’ll be well taken care of in the transportation or fed properly at breakfast time, or paid enough attention in the class – that’s the kind of trust the staff at Sixth Element creates in mind. He teachers, didis, even the guards and drivers contribute in building this trust. My favourite part about the school is the creativity in terms of activities that the school conducts for the children- the veg mandi, kinderdance, story time etc. They are such refreshing change from the fancy dress competitions and dance shows other play schools organize. These make the school stand apart and contribute immensely in the child’s overall development. Wish I could send Vaanya to Sixth Element for one more year. Thanks for taking such good care of Vaanya and for making her what she is today and for the happy memories. Aparna ( Vaanya’s mother )
“The Sixth Element®”, a Pre-School, Day Care and Evening Activity Centre is designed as a fusion of the five elements - Vayu (freedom and far reaching presence), Aakash (boundary lessness), Kshiti (positive and down to earth attitude, stability), Tejas (Drive, passion and confidence) and Jal (peace and harmony) to engender the sixth element: “the spirit of enquiry; the unbridled joy of being” through play, discovery and exploration’  PreSchool gurgaon More Details
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