• Play & Grow

    Play helps in all-round development: motor, cognitive, creative, language and more

  • Work & Learn

    Refining a childs visual perception

  • Music & Movement

    Investigating every day items

  • Life Skills

    Fuelling the childs sense of order and self control

The Sixth Element Pre-School, Pre-Primary, Day Care and Activity Centre

‘The Sixth Element School was established to serve the community as a premium Nursery Preschool / Play School & Daycare Childcare Centre – where children enjoy fun-filled learning in a green, safe and engaging infrastructure, day to activity, hands-on learning.
Responding to the needs of working parents, we invented the Daycare in Gurgaon and provided leadership to create a whole new approach of engaging care, development & learning for children up to 12 years in age, All of this & our green inviting friendly ethos, led to lots of expat children (especially from Japanese families) coming to our school and over the years we also started getting repeated feedback from parents & alumni to set up a primary & eventually a Senior School @ Tata Primanti Sector 72.

Our Experiential Learning Practices

Our daycare facility is setup primarily to address the needs of a nuclear and mobile working population. The increasing trend of single child families; lack of continual and reliable domestic care and extended hours at work are some of the reasons why parents opt for our daycare programs.


We believe that we are partners in enabling your child’s physical, intellectual, and social development.

Day Care

Our daycare facility is setup primarily to address the needs of a nuclear and mobile working population.

Activity Centre

Our evening activity centre seeks to engage young minds in a multitude of outdoor and indoor activities to help them uncover their hidden talents

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