Pets for kids

Pets and specially dogs are considered a man’s best friend. History speaks that dog was the first animal to be tamed …

Global Education

We believe that education should have a global reach that is why we make you ready for the world.

Idea Generation

We believe that ideas can change life that is why our curriculum is developed to encourage new ideas.

Dr. (Mrs) Raj Grover

Dr. Raj Grover has done her Masters in Education and is a doctorate. She was the Principal of DAV College of Education for Women in Karnal for 23 years and was given the Best Principal Award of the best College of Education

Alka Kumar (Advisor)

Bulbul as she is commonly called, is the backbone of the school – what it stands for and delivers. A firm believer in the capacity of a child, she is the force that drives us to surpass boundaries.

Jyoti Grover (Director & Owner)

Entrepreneurial; Conceptual; Innovative; Impatient to try out new stuff and make a difference! Extremely child centric and high on research. Jyoti has a background in psychology and management.